Portraits and "Still Life Portraits" 

I'm currently accepting portrait commissions in charcoal or oil paint. For examples of my traditional portraits click on the "Gallery" tab above. Contact me for pricing and availability.

I also do another type of "portrait" which I call "Still Life Portraits" and the name is rather self-explanatory. Below is an example of a type of Still Life Portrait that I painted about my grandparents. I gathered photos and objects about my grandma and grandpa and set up a still life that represented a time in their lives. I love this idea because it tells much more of a story than a traditional portrait would. I'm accepting commissions to paint a still life about you or your loved one in a similar fashion. The price will depend on the size of the painting, how many objects are included, and how complex the objects are. Please contact me for more information.

Courtney: 801.414.0142 |  courtneyvanderveur@gmail.com

This still life is representative of my mom’s parents, Afton Romney and Alvin Charles Soderborg. My grandpa served in the navy in WWII so I included his officer’s hat, as well as his pocket sized New Testament and a photo of him in the same hat and uniform. While traveling in Italy with the navy he bought a cameo silhouette brooch and ring that he later gave to my grandma. The framed photo shows the couple on their wedding day in 1947. My grandma is wearing the same hat shown in the stack of books in the back. My grandpa loved to read, hence the books, and the mirror on the wall hung in my grandparents’ home for many years.