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Still Lifes

Graduation from the Hein Academy of Art - August 2015

I graduated from the Hein Academy of Art and held a graduation art show on August 15, 2015.  On display were examples of my work from the five years I studied at the academy. I also included descriptions of the principles I learned and explanations of the curriculum at the Hein Academy. To view images and descriptions of my work, including photos from the event, click on the link below to download the pdf. 


Creation Series

These paintings are part of a series about the creation of the heavens and the earth.

I drip thinned oil paint into puddles of water on a horizontal canvas and sit to observe the tiny molecules of color, suspended in water, slowly gliding, colliding, merging and repelling each other. I'm reminded of galaxies forming and being stationed in their corner of the universe.

I sit, eyes inches from the horizontal canvas, mesmerized by a liquid pool of color gliding across the surface, leaving a path behind it. The paint dries, the water evaporates, and I repeat the process. Layering and waiting, watching. With a little urging from me, something beautiful is created.